Latest Trends in Functional Fitness Workouts

Functional fitness training specializes in exercises that improve balance, coordination, and functional strength for daily tasks. This trend has made headlines for several years and will likely remain prominent over time.

Low impact workouts such as indoor cycling and renegade rowing are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to strengthen muscle without placing undue stress on joints, and they’re even easier when done as part of a group setting.

1. Mini Workouts

Mini workouts have become an effective alternative for people who struggle to find time for hour-plus gym sessions, providing short bursts of exercise that can be completed anywhere and more conveniently than full gym sessions – as well as potentially being more effective overall.

Glenn Gaesser, professor of exercise physiology at Arizona State University, refers to these short workout sessions as “exercise snacking”. The idea behind exercise snacking is to complete several shorter exercise sessions throughout the day that add up to equal minutes of activity as one longer workout.

Making every movement count requires using a wide variety of exercises that target both cardio and strength. Consider bodyweight exercises like mountain climbers, push ups, walking lunges or abdominal crunches; or if available use dumbbells or kettlebells to increase resistance. It is also essential that all parts of the body be worked – aim to include exercises targeting upper, lower and core muscles when possible to maximize each workout’s potential benefits.

2. Functional Fitness Apps

Functional training is fitness with a purpose, and it has grown increasingly popular over time. This type of exercise focuses on movements that simulate everyday movement patterns in high-intensity, full-body workouts. Functional training exercises often incorporate bending, twisting and squatting movements – similar to when carrying luggage or moving heavy boxes – along with explosive moves like box jumps and AMRAP exercises for full-body conditioning.

Functional training is a fantastic way to increase muscle health, balance, flexibility and joint support without placing undue stress on joints. Furthermore, functional fitness exercises can regulate hormones and increase energy levels. To reap its full benefits of functional fitness exercises at home or gym gradually increase intensity over time; additionally warm up with light cardio or dynamic stretching first before beginning more rigorous movements. Functional fitness apps may come in handy for tracking progress while staying motivated during workouts.

3. Mind-Body Practices

Mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation help individuals forge stronger bonds between body and mind. Studies have also revealed positive influences on cognition as well as reductions in anxiety, stress, and depression as a result of regular meditation practice. Furthermore, research indicates yoga practice changes both brain structure and neural activity within regions such as hippocampus/medial temporal lobe, insula and cingulate cortex regions of the brain.

Functional fitness training has been an increasing trend since 2007, featuring exercises and movements designed to increase ability to perform daily living activities. Many find the real world benefits and practicality of functional fitness training appealing.

Due to the recent pandemic, more people are engaging in outdoor exercise and engaging in group-oriented physical activities like hiking, mountain biking and organised rides as well as outdoor HIIT, says Thompson. These trends challenge old ideals while simultaneously creating an inclusive fitness industry.

4. 360 Wellness

Many fitness trends have become mainstream since the pandemic hit. One such trend is fun fitness, which features new group exercise classes like Les Mills’ Rock-star Instructors and ZUU as well as weighted hula hoops (which even made an appearance on TikTok!).

These workouts are created to be less about burning calories and intensity and more about how it makes you feel during each session. They promote social interaction while being perfect for lockdown situations – you can complete them from your home with an virtual coach!

360 Wellness offers fitness professionals looking for something beyond trendy fitness programs an extensive coaching programme that holistically supports clients to create lasting habits – helping them avoid the dangers associated with short-term diets or workouts! Click here to discover more!

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