Dental Equipment Suppliers

When purchasing dental equipment, there are many choices to make. When selecting quality equipment that will help provide patients with exceptional care, be sure to investigate its shipping facilities and customer service capabilities as well.

Pearson offers a large selection of supplies and equipment for dentists. However, they don’t provide free shipping of their products.

High-Quality Equipment

Dental equipment is integral to its success, from the technologies used for patient treatment and utility systems that power its operation, all the way down to employee and customer comfort and happiness. Quality equipment lasts longer and provides better performance than low-cost or refurbished products; in addition, higher quality gear tends to be safer to use and more reliable, leading to less mistakes, quicker work operations, happier employees and customers – ultimately increasing revenue and success of a dental practice.

Utilizing quality equipment also sends the message that a company cares about its clients’ experience and strives to offer exceptional services. Furthermore, quality equipment helps build an outstanding reputation and draw new customers to any business – yet this benefit becomes especially crucial for dental practices that rely on customer referrals as the source of profits.

Henry Schein

Henry Schein Inc (HSIC), established in 1932, is one of the world’s premier healthcare suppliers. HSIC supplies dental practitioners, laboratory technicians and healthcare facilities worldwide with products and services including medical supplies for dental practitioners, laboratory technicians and healthcare facilities; pharmaceutical products; equipment; as well as value-added technology solutions tailored specifically for these sectors.

Their range of products includes infection-control solutions, impression materials and composites, dental implants and gypsum, dental chairs, delivery units and lights as well as high-tech and digital restoration equipment – not forgetting infection control products! In addition, the company provides dental and medical software, practice management systems, e-commerce solutions as well as financial services and equipment repair.

Henry Schein serves dental and medical practitioners, laboratories, physician practices, government healthcare clinics, institutional health care clinics and alternative care clinics around the world. Their solutions focus on business, clinical and technology to enable health care practitioners to work more efficiently so they can provide their patients with quality care more quickly and affordably. Customers benefit from personalized experiences provided through a global team of team members.

Scott’s Dental Supply

Scott’s Dental Supplies offers competitively low prices, superior customer service and top quality dental supplies directly to your practice. Their wide selection of basic equipment to cutting-edge technology solutions make for easy purchase decisions; additionally, they provide various services such as equipment repairs and training courses.

Midwest Dental stands out as an excellent choice for practices that need orders delivered quickly. Their website is easy to navigate and they provide an extensive product catalog and ordering system, in addition to various software programs designed to streamline back-end office management and maximize revenue cycle efficiency.

Net32 offers an online marketplace that works with many different brands and features an expansive selection of products at very reasonable prices, although they don’t carry many larger pieces of equipment. They also provide a robust rewards program as well as helpful customer service to keep your dental business running smoothly.


Darby Dental Supply and Equipment Solutions are one of the nation’s premier providers of dental supplies, equipment and solutions, serving practices of all sizes across the United States. Their range of capital equipment, software solutions and repair services cover capital equipment purchases; financing options are also offered for larger purchases to maximize inventory investment efficiency for their clients.

They offer an unrivaled product selection, and their software solutions span patient management, security and compliance monitoring, revenue cycle management and practice performance analysis. Furthermore, they also offer various service offerings such as product repairs and office design consulting.

Darby has an average employee satisfaction rate, with only 4 out of 2 reporting their level of happiness with their company. They do, however, offer competitive salaries and excellent career opportunities; salary ranges differ based on job title/responsibilities. Furthermore, Darby offers numerous employee benefits including healthcare plans, retirement savings plans, flexible work hours and much more! They are located in MUTTONTOWN, NY.

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