How to Set Smart Health and Fitness Goals for Women

No matter your level of fitness, setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely is key for success.

For example, you might want to strive for your first 5k run within five weeks. Or you could increase your weights in the gym by a certain amount.

1. Lose weight.

If you want to shed pounds and build muscle at the same time, smart nutrition is key. That doesn’t mean cutting out carbs completely or only eating chicken and broccoli for lunch; there are ways to incorporate healthy foods into your daily meal planning.

Losing weight by eating fewer calories than your body burns each day is the simplest and most efficient method for doing so. But if you want to build muscle mass, consuming more calories than needed for energy is the way to go.

2. Build strength.

If your goal is to build muscle and strength, you’ll need to consistently train with weights and exercises like pushups and pullups. You may also incorporate cardio exercises like running or walking into your routine for added benefit.

But, if you’re serious about building muscle mass, don’t expect results right away, according to the American Council on Exercise. Be patient and wait for results – it takes time!

Mike Donavanik, an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and founder of fitness app Sweat Factor, believes that consistency is key for success. To make it easier to stay motivated, set a small goal like three workouts per week that you know you can maintain.

Kollins Ezekh, NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness in Los Angeles, recommends that you get enough rest days so your muscles can repair and adapt. This is especially important if you haven’t been active for some time.

3. Shape up with a deadline.

One of the best ways to create a fitness habit is by setting achievable and trackable goals. This could include writing it on your bathroom mirror, taping it to your fridge, or even making it part of your phone’s screensaver.

Making fitness goals and signing up for an event can be a great way to motivate yourself, especially if you have a deadline to meet. Signing up for a triathlon, marathon or other endurance race will encourage you to hit the gym like there’s no tomorrow and give you an excuse to push yourself even harder! Plus, this is an excellent chance to spread awareness about your new fitness regime!

Once you’ve established your goal, it’s time to craft an action plan. This involves selecting your starting weight, setting a target body fat percentage and creating workout routines that will help you reach those results.

4. Shape up for a specific event.

To prepare for an event, create a comprehensive checklist. This list should cover everything from sending out invitations to purchasing supplies and marketing materials. Not having this list at the last minute can cause confusion and waste time and money since you won’t miss out on anything essential for the celebration.

Furthermore, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Shape Up process. This business method enables teams to select which project they wish to focus on for a cycle of 6 weeks, eliminating the need for managers to constantly micromanage tasks and giving employees more freedom to focus on what they do best.

5. Stay healthy.

It can be easy for health and fitness goals to get neglected when life gets in the way. This is especially true during cold and flu season, when staying well is more important than ever before.

Adhering to a nutritious eating plan, getting plenty of sleep and engaging in moderate exercise can help protect you against illness – not to mention it will make you feel great!

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