Morning Yoga Routine For Energy and Flexibility

Wake up both body and mind with this short morning yoga flow! You’ll feel refreshed, focused, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way today.

Certain yoga poses provide instant energy boosts by activating our natural flight or fight response – an ancient response used to fend off predators in times of need.

Camel Pose

Ustrasana (Camel Pose) is an energizing backbend that opens the heart chakra and increases circulation, as well as offering stretching for hip flexors while strengthening spine and shoulders.

To avoid injury, yogis should perform gentle backbends like bridge pose, full cobra and baby cobra before transitioning into camel pose. These poses also help open chest and shoulders while massaging the thyroid gland – which makes hormones that regulate metabolism – massaging will assist your camel pose practice as well.

Beginners to backbending should exit slowly and deliberately by placing their hands on their thighs for support before transitioning into child’s pose or gentle seated twists on both sides. This helps restore spinal alignment while simultaneously relaxing your body out of the pose. As this heart-opening pose can make one vulnerable or emotional at first, remain calm and continue breathing!

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose can help strengthen the back side of the body, including glutes and spine, improve balance and posture, as well as energize all systems within. If unable to do the full version of this pose, simply lift up about halfway while keeping arms straight down with palms facing each other for a partial bridge pose that still provides benefits of revitalization and digestion stimulation.

Bow Pose is an invigorating yoga asana designed to strengthen back muscles. It involves performing a forward bend that opens up chest and shoulders; this pose can help alleviate back pain in those who wear high heels regularly.

Assume a backward-facing position with bent knees and feet hip-distance apart on a mat. Place both hands alongside your body with palms facing upward, palms together. Reach down using feet to grab ankles with hands then push up arching your back while pulling shoulder blades toward each other above head; maintain this pose for 30 to 1 minutes.

Locust Pose

As you lie back with legs extended toward the ceiling, this posture strengthens back and hip muscles while stretching and opening up the front body. Inversion promotes circulation while sending feel-good hormones through your system – perfect for helping balance metabolism while providing energy boost on those difficult mornings!

Starting your day right with yoga can help ease those irritating back aches associated with sitting all day at work, and tone abdominal muscles and encourage a healthy digestive system. Furthermore, more research demonstrates the powerful link between gut health and mental well-being; yoga has proven its ability to soothe spasms of digestion as well as promote weight management, making this practice one of the best tools available for relieving stress levels and managing weight.

Bow Pose

Yoga helps maintain balance, which is vital for optimal health. Yoga poses can also help soothe spasms in the digestive tract and stimulate digestion to enhance metabolism and increase gut motility – research indicates this relationship between gut health and mental wellbeing, so having a clean, healthy gut is vital to overall well-being.

For this pose, come onto your hands and knees and position your feet so they are hip distance apart, with toes slightly pigeon toed tucked under. Take 5-10 breaths here while bringing both hands shoulder distance apart to the floor and rooting evenly with both forearms.

Start by raising your legs over your head and placing your hands behind you as support, then roll your shoulder blades toward each other as if doing an inversion and feel energy flow through your body. This inversion technique can give you a natural energy boost before breakfast!

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