How to Recover From Cataract Surgery

Many people wonder how to recover from cataract surgery. The good news is that it’s relatively simple. Most procedures are performed in an hour or less. Before the surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the front of the eye and inserts a small tool that breaks up the old lens. The surgeon then suctions out the pieces and replaces them with a new, clear lens. This type of lens is made of silicone, acrylic, or plastic. The incision is usually closed and the patient is free to drive one to two days after the surgery.

After cataract surgery, the patient can expect to notice improvement in vision within a week. The eye will likely remain yellow or brown for several days after the procedure, so this will improve colors. The patient will need to see their healthcare provider a few days after surgery, then a week later. After the surgery, they will likely need to have another visit after a month or so to make sure everything is healing well. After the surgery, there may be some discomfort, but the doctor will be able to explain the recovery process and what to expect.

The recovery process after cataract surgery is usually not as difficult as the procedure itself. The patient will only need to be under general anesthesia for about a week or so. During this time, the patient will have special eye drops, and may need to wear a mask while sleeping. After the surgery, patients are advised to limit their activity, and to arrange for a ride home afterwards. Following the surgery, the patient will have to wear sunglasses to keep the eye dry and comfortable. Afterwards, patients may experience mild pain and itchiness in the eyes. If any of these symptoms persists, the patient should call their healthcare provider to discuss any complications.

After cataract surgery, the patient is advised to stop taking certain medications for the next few weeks. The doctor will provide you with a list of these drugs, and will give you options for their replacement. It is important to avoid strenuous activities for the first week after the surgery, as these may increase eye pressure and cause a complication. After cataract surgery, a patient may need to wear glasses or contact lenses for up to two months.

After cataract surgery, the patient should take special precautions to avoid exposure to contaminants that can lead to infection. The patient should avoid excessive exposure to water and smoke, as this can damage the eye. Additionally, the eye should be kept dry and clean for a week following the procedure. Some medications will be used to relieve discomfort and prevent infections. However, the prescription must not be given before the procedure. If the patient is allergic to the drugs, they should avoid them.

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