What Is Cataract Surgery?

Surgery is a branch of medicine that uses surgical instruments to manipulate the body. It is often the last resort after all other options have been tried and failed. Surgery involves the removal of tissue from one area to another. Some types of surgery may include: cardiology surgery, craniofacial surgery, gynecological surgery, pediatric surgery, and rehabilitation surgery.

The goal of minimally invasive surgery is to decrease the risks and complications associated with surgery, while increasing the chances for a successful outcome and long-term treatment. minimally invasive surgery is an important component of general surgery and is most commonly used to treat not only life-threatening diseases but also more minor problems and injuries. The term minimally invasive refers to the manner in which a surgical procedure is performed under anesthesia. The most common minimally invasive procedures are cardiology and gynecological surgery.

Cardiology surgery is the treatment of cardiovascular illness and disease. Most cardiovascular problems require open heart surgery. The heart is debrided and the myocardial infarction is removed through open surgery. Many times patients do not survive this surgery but can live a long and healthy life if proper medical treatment is administered after the surgery. Other procedures such as angioplasty and cardiac surgery can be performed under anesthesia. A new generation of minimally invasive cardiac surgery is being made every day.

Pediatric surgery deals with treating children and their conditions. A variety of children’s ailments are requiring surgery and this branch of medicine is seeing an increase in popularity due to the increase in pediatric patients seeking treatment. Children can suffer from a variety of illnesses including Congenital Heart Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and other serious conditions. These conditions require pediatric surgery because the conditions are usually life threatening.

Cataract surgery, like many surgeries requires the presence of an expert surgeon. The most common eye surgery performed in this specialty is the Lasik procedure where the surgeon reshapes a patient’s cornea through the use of a laser. During this procedure, a thin flap of the cornea is created and the surgeon then uses a laser to reshape it. Lasik is commonly referred to as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction. Another procedure gaining popularity in the field of cataract surgery is the anterior chamber paracentesis, where a sample of the soft inner tissue of the eyelid is removed and studied under a microscope to determine the disease-causing mechanism.

Specialists agree that the best way to find a qualified surgeon is to speak to your regular doctor. It’s important to ask about any certifications and training that the surgeon has received. Many surgeons now have websites that will show you pictures of completed surgeries and before and after pictures. This information is great because it allows patients to see the difference between minimally invasive surgical techniques and more traditional surgeries. Additionally, it gives patients an opportunity to see which surgical procedure will best meet their needs and expectations.

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