Is Fitness a Hobby?

At its core, a hobby can be defined as any activity that provides enjoyment in one’s free time – so can fitness be considered one?

Some people truly enjoy working out and find great satisfaction in their training journey. From setting personal bests to simply holding on longer during plank, each milestone provides motivation to keep pushing.

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Hobbies are activities you enjoy doing in your free time and working out can certainly qualify as a hobby if it becomes something you look forward to each time you hit the gym.

Exercise should be enjoyable to keep us engaged – whether that means running, walking, cycling, swimming, hiking or any other form of physical activity is your hobby! Just make sure that it remains a goal that keeps you coming back for more!

One key part of making fitness your hobby is setting measurable goals and tracking your progress over time. Doing this allows you to celebrate small victories such as holding a plank for one minute longer or shaving seconds off your mile time; such victories keep your motivation alive to meet long-term fitness goals and turn working out into something truly enjoyable.

Building a supportive community can also help turn fitness into a hobby. From finding workout partners or joining fitness groups, having people around who share similar passions can be extremely motivational and inspiring.


Some can make going to the gym their hobby, though this might not be for everyone. A hobby should be something you engage in regularly that brings you pleasure – and even better if there is an element of passion behind your chosen pastime that helps motivate and engage you with it!

Fitness activities that qualify as hobbies include rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. Some of these fitness activities are also offered to kids through kid’s fitness camps; these programs teach children new ways to exercise in an enjoyable and effective way that may lead them to develop the habit of enjoying physical activity as a lifestyle choice.

As a rule of thumb, in order to qualify as a hobby, something must take up significant portions of your free time while being enjoyable – this doesn’t need to be exact but should be remembered – watching too much television is not really considered a hobby!


Some people enjoy working out so much that it becomes an enjoyable part of their lifestyle, rather than simply an everyday habit. Working out can be highly satisfying, particularly if you enjoy pushing yourself further every time you hit the gym; many enjoy pushing themselves to lift heavier weights or complete more reps in each set.

Be a little daring! Take on new workouts and training methods that push yourself even harder! Many people enjoy rock climbing as a hobby – it is an enjoyable outdoor pursuit, yet challenging enough for even experienced climbers!

Many people view exercise as a chore instead of an enjoyable pastime, due to past negative experiences, unrealistic expectations or social pressures. By shifting their mindset and making working out into something fun and pleasurable they will find it much easier to stick with and see results more quickly. So can fitness really become a hobby? Absolutely if done in an enjoyable and positive way; otherwise it will quickly become just another chore on their list that they come to resent!

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