The Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Using teeth whitening strips is a great way to whiten your teeth without spending hundreds of dollars at a cosmetic dentist. They are easy to use and can be incorporated into your daily dental care routine. But before you get started, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. This is especially important for anyone with sensitive teeth.

The most common side effect of whitening strips is gum irritation. This happens because dentin, the layer beneath your teeth’s enamel, is exposed during the bleaching process. However, the sensitivity should subside within a few days. The best whitening strips contain carbamide peroxide, which is the safest chemical for teeth whitening. In addition, hydrogen peroxide is also safe. It penetrates the teeth’s enamel and is also a mild antiseptic. However, it can irritate your gums if used incorrectly.

You can also find whitening strips that are specially designed for sensitive teeth. These strips use a special seal technology to prevent your gums from chafing. They also offer a no-slip grip so you won’t have to worry about your teeth slipping out of place. They also come in a wide variety of flavors, including peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, lavender, and mint.

These strips are also safe for frequent use. Many teeth whitening strips are made from polyethylene, which is a nontoxic, flexible material. The strips are also easy to remove from your teeth. When using these strips, press your fingernail into the strip to help it adhere to your teeth. After you’ve applied the strip, wait 15 to 30 minutes before removing it.

Some teeth whitening strips are also flavored. For example, the Crest Crest Whitestrips Kit has a pleasant lavender-mint flavor. It’s also a dentist-formulated product that’s free of artificial flavors, sulfates, and dyes. The kit also includes a small USB charger. The kit should last four whitening cycles.

Another popular whitening strip is the Aumay. It’s a gentle formula that uses natural ingredients to lift stains from your teeth. It’s also ideal for people with sensitive teeth.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any whitening product. If you’ve never used a teeth whitening product before, it’s also a good idea to consult your dentist before using. Also, don’t use whitening strips on other types of dental work. If your teeth have been etched, bonded, or filled, whitening strips will not work. If you’re interested in buying teeth whitening strips, you should also check out Dr. Richard Marques’ recommended whitening products.

Crest is one of the most trusted brands for dental care. They have a wide variety of products, including whitening strips, that are made from natural ingredients. These strips are specially designed to help remove tough stains in just 30 minutes. They also feature an LED light to ensure your teeth are whiter. The kit is also affordable, with a price tag of just $45 for 22 treatments. The company also offers a 50% discount for online purchases.

The Magic Strips are also dissolvable, meaning they can whiten your teeth in just an hour. They have a lavender-mint flavor, and are designed by dentists. They can be used twice a week. They also don’t contribute to plastic waste, which is great for the environment.

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